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Dirt 2.0 Rallycross Event


Just a quick note -- You HAVE to have the game on STEAM to join. Console and xbox for windows will NOT work to join the lobbies as they are not cross-platform. We checked!

You will also need to be okay sharing your steam friend code with people creating the lobbies, as it is the only way to set these up as private. Please fill out this form on top of signing up here:
Fill This Out!

Format will follow official FIA Rallycross format.

The heats would run simultaneous, where we'd pick a random one to stream and commentate, and then the semi and final would be done separately and streamed.

Cars selection would be Supercars (base game -- not DLC, this time around at least!).

A Rallycross event follows this format. Keep in mind the number of heats WILL depend on amount of drivers that sign up!

Each driver races 4 different Qualifying Heats of 4 laps.

Heat 1: 4 laps
Heat 2: 4 laps
Heat 3: 4 laps
Heat 4: 4 laps

The top 12 drivers would then be put into semi-finals, where all other drivers are eliminated.

Semi 1: 6 laps
Semi 2: 6 laps
Final: 6 laps

You don't own the game?

Then use this link to buy a cheap Steam Key > Dirt 2.0

Dirt 2.0
Start Date
Race Day
Classes & Cars
Mixed cars
  • Rally 18/24
Max Allowed Penalties
10 Points
No Show Penalty
10 Points
Signouts Allowed
Fixed Setup