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ACC Season 2 Qualifying Event

***You are free to join as a reserve! If technically possible we will open up a fifth tier***

What you need to know:

Check if you chose one time slot on each track in our doodles: see link below

Note that doodle displays the times in your local time zone! e.g. the first slot starts Friday at 7pm UK time. . Please make sure to join at exactly your selected time slot! In case of computer breakdown or other excused reasons why you missed you slot, please inform @RLM Vicky <3🇩🇪 via DM to make sure you get an replacement time slot. After setting your time please take a screenshot as a backup for your time. Stay on the server until the session is closed.
If you use a custom livery, please use the race no from the website :)

Servernames are “RLM Season2 Silverstone Qualifying Slot1/Slot2/Slot3”
Password can be found at "Calendar" for this champ.

The car with which you enter the quali server will be your car for the entire season 2 and is unchangeable.

Possible reasons for disqualification:
1) attempting to enter on more than your selected time slot per track
2) car changes during qualifying or usage of different cars for Silverstone and Brands Hatch
3) unfair behaviour on track like blocking others on their hotlap
4) no-show

Please be aware that the sorting of the tiers will be done by the admins of RLM and will mainly depend on your laptimes but also on previous racing experience with RLM.


Racers, the wait is over!

This is the official qualifying event that you want to complete in order to race in RLM ACC Season 2, which will start on November 22, 2019 with the 2019 DLC cars and track! Based on your qualifying results, you will be grouped into different tiers for some close racing throughout the field.

You need to set qualifying times on our RLM Qualifying servers on 2 tracks: Silverstone and Brands Hatch. Please register for one timeslot only per track in the below doodle polls:

Track (1): Silverstone (Register for Silverstone here)

Track (2): Brands Hatch (Register for Brands Hatch here)

Qualifying Format & Racing Rules

Click -> Rules

You need to complete at least 1 valid lap during your time slot at Silverstone, and your second time slot at Brands Hatch. Please note that it is necessary to stay in the server until qualifying has ended (DO NOT leave the server earlier, or your times will not be recorded). After qualifying has ended and the server has reset to the next session, leave the server immediately so that the next group of racers in their time slot can begin their qualifying.

Good Luck! :-)

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Assetto Corsa Competizione
Start Date
Race Day
Classes & Cars
Season2 Quali Pre-Register
  • ACC Season2 Qualifying 138/130
Max Allowed Penalties
15 Points
No Show Penalty
10 Points
Signouts Allowed
Fixed Setup