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Clean racing

Here at RLM, we put clean racing priority and is the #1 rule for the enjoyment of all drivers. No contact should occur between cars on track, and as a driver you are required to do your best to avoid this from happening. The following set of rules should give you a guide on what we expect from drivers and what to expect from us if you are involved in incidents.

Track limits

Stay within the track boundaries. These boundaries are usually defined by white lines and/or kerbs. Two wheels should remain on the track at all times. Kerbs are generally defined as the track where no white line is present. Cutting will be detected and penalised by the simulation, however, where the simulation and our rules contradict, we may give guidelines to certain corners as and when needed before an event. Excess cutting will result in your removal from events, championships or from RLM as a whole.

Rejoining the track

If you are off track you must wait for a gap to re-enter the track safely, giving way to traffic already on track. Get up to speed aside the racing line and check for traffic before moving to the racing line. If you see a car off track ahead, we would encourage you to allow room for the car to rejoin to avoid a potential incident if safe to do so – they may not have full control of their car on the grass or gravel!

Pit Exit

When exiting the pit, you must obey any pit exit white lines. Where there are short or no pit exit lines, you must give way to cars already approaching on the start/finish straight by waiting off the racing line. During qualifying, cars on hot laps should have their headlights on (game dependent) and have the right of way for the racing line, cars on a warm up or slow down lap must keep off the racing line where possible and use your mirrors.

Escaping to Pits

You can escape back to the pits whilst on track in any session, but, please make sure you are off track or well away from the racing line and stopped before you do this. Repeatedly escaping back to the pits whilst moving and/or on the racing line will result in warnings and penalties.


Don't be too aggressive when trying to overtake. As the chasing car, it is generally your responsibility to avoid contact with the car in front. Bump-to-pass overtakes will be penalised.


Excessive weaving and blocking is not allowed. When defending from another car, you are allowed one change of direction to defend. Moving back across to the racing line, or multiple changes of direction are not tolerated and will result in penalties. You are allowed to move back over if the attacking car has already chosen their line, but you must make sure a cars width at minimum is between you and the edge of the track. A car is deemed to be alongside once an overlap is obtained – space must be given in this circumstance by both cars.


Accidents can happen, but if you are at fault for causing a collision, you are likely to be penalised.

Drivers are encouraged to give back their position to the other car(s) if they have gained an unfair advantage as safely and as quickly as possible, or to hold back to prevent gaining an advantage from contact, regardless of how much time or positions are lost in the process. By doing this, you are less likely to receive additional penalties.

If you have an accident and have suffered damage or have come to a stop, give way to traffic and then clear the track/racing line safely and as soon as possible. Do not park your car anywhere on the track or attempt to re-join in front of traffic. Please return to the pits to repair or retire your car.


The Stewards will review all incidents recorded by the system's log-file and decide if and what penalty a driver will get.

If you have an incident you should stay calm, and not shout out in voice chat or in-game chat or call people out in the Discord channels.

The Stewards are here to deal with all incidents, and no incident is intended to go unnoticed, as we want a fair and enjoyable game for everyone.


Warnings can be given for minor incidents, such as contact without advantage or other dangerous/unfair movements.

Up to two warnings can be given without further penalties incurred. Warnings given are tallied throughout a championship and are only reset at the end of the championship. If a driver exceeds 2 warnings in a particular championship, then 1 point will be added to that drivers licence for each additional warning gained.

Licence points

Should major incidents occur, drivers will incur licence points instead of warnings. These include, but not limited to, causing accidents, brake checking, causing damage, aggressive driving, excessive blocking, being excessively out of control and unsportsmanlike conduct.

Depending on event duration, typical maximum licence points for each championship season is 10 (single class sprints) or 20 (multiclass endurance). Maximum points available will be shown in the series information. If any driver reaches the maximum, you will be disqualified from the rest of the championship and may be prevented from participating in future championships or not given priority in signups.

As a guide, you will receive the following. Accidents on Lap 1 and those involving different class cars will very likely result in double licence points. Giving back positions to cars you have inconvenienced will help to reduce penalty points.

In addition, the same amount of licence points will also be deducted from your championship points.

Licence points are tallied as a championship is run and once you reach the following thresholds, there are further penalties to be undertaken by the driver. Licence points will not reset until the end of that championship.

These thresholds are doubled if the championship is running to a maximum of 20 points, such as multiclass championships.

Drive through penalties (from pit entry to pit exit) must be completely served within the race time, usually within the first 3 laps of the race if the penalty is from a preceding event.


Headlights must be used on Late Evenings/Night/Early morning races. Damaged Headlights to be repaired on that lap - failure to do so will see you disqualified. (Game dependent).

Voice and in-game chat

Drivers are expected to be in the voice chat for events. Whilst we appreciate it may not be possible for everyone to have a mic, we ask that you can hear the voice chat for any drivers briefings or admin notifications. Participating in the chat helps build a more friendly and relaxed atmosphere which in turn reduces incidents.

We ask that you refrain from chatting in the voice chat during qualifying and the race as to not distract other drivers unless it’s an emergency or to alert people to incidents. In-game text chat is not to be used in any circumstance during qualifying or races.

Attending Races

By signing up for a championship or an event, we ask you to attend the races. However, we all have a life that sometimes keep us away from our hobby. If you cannot attend a race, please post a short message in the appropriate sign-out channel to let us know. The post should be done latest 1 hour prior to event start. If you fail to report your absence, 5 points will be deducted from your championship points. Failure to report your absence twice will result in you being removed from the championship.

Formation Lap Rules


Crew Chief is mandatory for taking part in any races with RLM. This tool is a brilliant engineer and spotter, which will help in many ways, as well as making you avoid getting penalties, as the spotter will keep you safe on the track.